All About Antiques

Ever wanted an “Antique Getaway”?  Well, we know where you need to be!

DAY ONE: You check into Twin Lakes State Park cabin number 4. It’s a waterfront cabin and happens to be the only one the ducks DON’T stop by every morning looking to help themselves to your breakfast.  You’re on “the hunt,” and specifically requested “No Feathers” to interfere with your special finds this trip!!!


You’ve got the whole afternoon and evening ahead of you.  First things first – time to get some fun in the sun.  Check out a paddleboat and take a cruise around the lakes.  There are two of them here, so you have a chance to get a good workout!  At 6 p.m. you drive to just south of Farmville, where you can enjoy an evening of good food, good music and TheFishinPiglocal color at The Fishin’ Pig – their motto is “Eat Like a Pig. Drink Like a Fish.”  After your evening out, you retire to your cabin to study the brochures you ordered prior to your trip.  The Heartland Regional Visitor Center is known for sending you exactly the brochures you need for a well-rounded visit!  Review your stops for tomorrow and then get a restful night’s sleep listening to the sounds of the woods and the lake water lapping onto the shore.

DAY TWO: Wake up rested and ready to SHOP!  First order of business: Breakfast at Walker’s Diner on Main Street in Farmville.  Walkers’ is a 1952 original diner recently restored on Ty Pennigton’s American Diner Revival on The Food Network.  “Don’t be a fool, sit on a stool” is their motto and you can even buy the t-shirt!  The stores don’t open until 9:30, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your breakfast while getting to know the locals and visitors who stop by each day.  Then, it’s off to Mottley’s Emporium to start the day right.  The Quonset huts that house Mottley’s can be found just down Main Street and behind one of Green Front Furniture’s old tobacco warehouses.  Mottley’s is one place where you never know what gem will turn up!  It’s great fun.


After a morning at Mottley’s you are ready for lunch – well, look at this!  Right next door is Riverside Café!  And did you know that some of the local artists hang their work in every possible space in this restaurant?  All through lunch, you will be impressed with the talent of the locals in this region.  Afterward, walk back up Main Street to check out poplarhallantiquesAshley’s Antiques, Prince Edward Art and Antiques, or Poplar Hall where a Civil War cannonball hole is still quite evident.  Everyone is so lovely!  They carry your purchases to your car and help you store them safely.  Anything too big to bring back, they offer to ship for you.  Southern hospitality and small town charm on display.


It’s dinner time – and you have several choices right here in downtown Farmville.  Do you feel like Mexican?  How about El Patron?  Or soup, salad and a sandwich?  That would be Uptown Coffee Café.  Or opt for a full service dinner, sitting on the deck overlooking the Appomattox River at Charlie’s Waterfront Café.  Well, you are here for another whole day, so let’s eat light tonight.  How about Uptown Coffee Café? Along with the soup, salad and a sandwich options, they have a GREAT coffee bar.  And if you are here over a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, there will be music, too.  You won’t believe how many people come here for this place!

Drive back to Twin Lakes to look over your discovered treasures, then get another good night’s sleep in the fresh country air.


Appomattox Visitor Information Center
The Old Appomattox Train Station & Visitor Center

You are heading down the road from Farmville, to the little town of Appomattox where you will continue your antique shopping.  First stop: the Appomattox Visitor Center at 214 Main Street in the old Train Station.  They will give you directions to their favorite antique stores, most of which are within a block of the Visitor Center.  You will find B&L right across the street; then just one block up to Church Street find The Gallery in the old hardware store, Antiques and Treasures, and It’s All Good.  You will spend hours looking through the riches at these intriguing locations.

Suddenly you realize you are very hungry!  How did it get to be nearly 1 o’clock?  And, you haven’t been through all of the antique stores in Appomattox yet.  Well, it’s time to take a break.  The Visitor Center told you about several options – do you feel like New York Style Pizza?  Then, let’s go to Mama Terry’s; or home cooked diner food?  How about Granny B’s?  Another favorite is Baine’s Books and Coffee.

After a leisurely lunch, you go back to Church Street because you are going to check them all out!  You are not leaving here thinking you might have missed THAT find!

Charlie’s Waterfront Café

As the stores are closing late that afternoon, it’s time to head back to Farmville for supper.  Tonight, you will eat on the deck overlooking the Appomattox River at Charlie’s Waterfront Café.  It’s a full service restaurant and the evening is perfect.  In fact, the whole trip has been perfect!  Tomorrow, you will check out and head for home, but in the meantime, post some pictures on social media bragging about the great finds and wonderful stay at Twin Lakes State Park, cabin #4.

Thanks for coming – come back soon!